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The Profohs Project

The Profohs project was established in 2021 transporting the values of the artist Lotte Profohs into the contemporary web3. Lotte Profohs was an artist that raised awareness for social and political sensitive topics in her paintings. The art is both engaging and confronting. 

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The Profohs collection is now available on OpenSea

Who was Lotte Profohs?

Profohs was a talented and known artist, active from the 50’s until 2002. Her paintings were bought and on display in The Belvedere in Vienna, Albertina in Vienna, The Louvre in Paris, The E. C. Johnson Collections in Boston, Museum of Modern Art in Philadelphia, Internationale Graphics exhibition Johannesburg, Art museum Düsseldorf and in many other galleries and museums in cities around the world.
Lotte Profohs acted where others looked away. Domestic violence, abortion, sexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, prostitution, immigration are only a few of the topics that are visible in her portfolio. Profohs' paintings are just as provocative and contemporary with their themes as they were 60 years ago.