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Profohs NFT

The Profohs collection
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Profohs paintings have a timeless character. The art is appealing as well as confronting, with the themes that are represented in the art. The Profohs NFTs were launched in 2021 on Opensea to stimulate awareness for a contemporary audience. To bring art that was produced 60 years ago back into the spotlight. The original paintings are still being sold in auctions houses in Europe. To lower the step to own a piece of this unique art, the original art pieces are converted into colourful NFTs.

The Profohs NFT is based on the original painting from Lotte Profohs. The NFTs don’t have numbers or ratings. All NFT are unique and special in their own way. With owning the NFT you own the commercial right of that particular NFT

All Profohs NFTs are real Lotte Profohs paintings converted into an contemporary NFT. The paintings were created by Lotte Profohs between 1955 and 2012. Lotte Profohs stood for woman rights and equality. Her Paintings are in major museums all over the world Louvre Paris France, Modern Art in Philadelphia USA, Johnson Collections Boston USA, Albertina in Vienna Austria, Art gallery Düsseldorf Germany, and more.


The Profohs NFTs are based on original paintings from Lotte Profohs. The Profohs NFTs don’t have numbers or ratings. All NFTs are unique and special in their own way. With owning the NFT, you own the commercial right of that particular NFT.

33 Femme en costume (bgf) - Copy_edited.jpg
69 I am afraid (pgr)_edited.jpg


For the Profohs project, we use the Ethereum blockchain. Since 2022 the Ethereum blockchain uses Proof of Stake (PoS) instead of Proof of Work (PoW). This reduces the computer power needed to confirm the transaction on the blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain in the most excepted and easiest blockchain currently available.


All NFT holders get 25% off any merchandise ordered in the webstore.
Once 100% of the NFT are sold all NFT holders are also eligible to receive 25% of original paintings sold directly from the Profohs Project.

Buy three get one free. Till 25% of the Prpfohs NFTs are sold.

70 Domestic violence (frs) - Copy_edited.jpg
90 Emilie Portrait (hjg)_edited.jpg
90 Emilie Portrait (hjg)_edited.jpg

Profohs Art

Lotte Profohs created her first paintings around 1950 when she was allowed to study at the age of 15 at the Academy of applied arts in Vienna, Austria. She has since sold her art all over the world including the Louvre in Paris and Belvedere in Vienna.Lotte Profohs acted where others looked the other way. Domestic violence, abortion, sexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, prostitution, immigration are just a few of the topics found in her portfolio. Profohs images are as provocative and contemporary with their themes as they were 60 years ago.

Art Conversion

In 2021 the Profohs project took the initiative to convert the analog paintings from Lotte Profohs into digital art. After a high resolution scan of the original painting the digital version was hand coloured to match the style of the artist. There are only a few colour combinations for each painting. Making each digital art work unique in its own way. There is no rarity or ranking system. With the Profohs NFT you purchase a piece of art.

100 Männerliebe (lkj)_edited.jpg
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