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Lotte Profohs

1934 -2012

Lotte Profohs was a captivating painter whose provocative art addressed important social issues and inspired timeless contemplation.

Who was Lotte Profohs?

Profohs was a talented and known artist, active from the 50’s until 2002. Her paintings were bought and on display in The Belvedere in Vienna, Albertina in Vienna, The Louvre in Paris, The E. C. Johnson Collections in Boston, Museum of Modern Art in Philadelphia, Internationale Graphics exhibition Johannesburg, Art museum Düsseldorf and in many other galleries and museums in cities around the world.

Unknown facts about Lotte Profohs

Profohs was internationally recognised as a graphic artist and painter in the early 1950s. Her work is in possession of representative state and private

The legendary artist couple Lotte Profohs and Leherb

Helmut Leherb and Lotte Profohs shared a life marked by their profound love for art and a strong bond. As a celebrated artist couple, they collaborated on creative ideas, making their mark in the art world together. Their mutual inspiration and support led to joint exhibitions and projects, leaving behind a lasting artistic legacy in Vienna and becoming influential figures in Austrian art history.

First Lady Artist in Louvre

Lotte Profohs, an Austrian artist born in Vienna, studied at the Academy of Applied Arts from the age of 15 in 1949, where she met her future husband, Helmut Leherbauer (Maître) Leherb, forming a world-renowned artist couple. She identified as an expressionist with feminist traits. By the early 1950s, Profohs had gained international recognition as a graphic artist and painter; her works were acquired by the renowned Louvre Museum in Paris in 1958. Respecting her as a woman and recognizing her work were of great importance to her.

Earliest Vienna femeinstist Artist

Lotte Profohs was deeply influenced by feminism and incorporated feminist themes into her art, reflecting her strong belief in gender equality and women's rights. Through her works, she addressed the struggles and challenges faced by women in society, shedding light on important issues such as abortion, sexuality, and gender roles. Profohs' art was a powerful expression of her commitment to breaking down societal barriers and empowering women to find their voices in a male-dominated world.

Hubmann, Franz © 1953 Profohs.jpg

Lotte Profohs Art Today

Lotte Profohs' remarkable paintings are available for rent, offering an opportunity to infuse your office with captivating art that evokes emotions and enriches the workspace ambiance.


Embrace the thought-provoking and socially conscious art of Lotte Profohs to inspire creativity and foster a deeper appreciation for the complexities of the human experience in your workspace, house, or building, creating an enriching and captivating environment for all.

Lotte Profohs Partners

Follow the captivating journey of this renowned artist through the eyes of the media.

Lotte Profohs in NFTs

The Profohs NFTs project was established in 2021 transporting the values of the artist Lotte Profohs into the contemporary web3. 

The Profohs collection is now available on OpenSea

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